MG Saudi Back to School Festival Best Financing Offers

As part of its celebration of the start of the new school year, Taajeer Group, the exclusive dealer of MG cars in Saudi Arabia, launched the Back to School Festival, under the motto “From Platform to Class,” marking the safe and cautious return of male and female students to their classrooms, and encouraging them to take advantage of the financing offers with the lowest monthly installments on all MG cars, especially since offers, are linked to a package of privileges that include exemption from administrative fees, profit margin and down payment.

On this occasion, Abdullah Danbar, Marketing Manager of MG Brand in Saudi Arabia, confirmed that the “Back to School Festival” is launched annually by MG Saudi, in celebration of this happy occasion, which occupies great importance in the hearts of millions of families in Saudi Arabia. Dunbar added that “we participate in this occasion by encouraging parents to purchase the distinctive MG cars that will help them transport their children to their schools safely, as well as providing the opportunity for young male and female students in universities to purchase these cars that would suit them and satisfy their needs through the attractive offers and easy installments.”

It is worth noting that MG brands are gaining great confidence in Saudi Arabia with its various models that meet the needs of different segments of society, in addition to providing an exceptional warranty up to six years (or 200,000 km, whichever comes first), providing spare parts at affordable prices practicing transparency in terms of costs, and other facilities giving the customers confidence that their comfort and satisfaction are on the top of MG priority.