MG Riyadh Motor Show

MG Motor takes centre stage at Riyadh Motor Show with global premiere of MG WHALE and regional debut of MG 7​​

  • MG Motor reaffirms its commitment to the Middle East, showcasing innovation and design excellence at the capital of the Kingdom, Riyadh.
  • Key highlights at the event also included displays of a custom-made MG T60, EV range, and other top-tier models.
MG Motor, the British-born brand, took centre stage at the Riyadh Motor Show as they unveiled the all-new MG WHALE for the first time globally, and unveiled the all-new MG 7 regionally. Both launches showcased MG's dedication to providing cutting-edge vehicles that resonate with the discerning tastes of customers in the Middle East and Saudi markets.

The Riyadh Motor Show, a prominent event in the automotive calendar, provided MG Motor with a strategic platform for launching the MG WHALE, a revolutionary SUV-coupe that embraces daring design elements. Featuring a distinctive whale-inspired grille and a rear adorned with oval-shaped vertical lights, the MG WHALE is sure to capture attention on the road with its bold aesthetics. The interior boasts a dual 12.3-inch curved panoramic screen, Nappa-leather-clad seats, and a clean, button-free design that enhances the overall driving experience. With its striking appearance, the MG WHALE is a petrol-powered marvel that combines style, performance, and innovation. This statement SUV will be available for sale from end of December 2023.

With its sporty look, triangle-shaped headlights, and a continuous taillight unit, the region-first MG 7 is bound to make a powerful statement on the road in March 2024. The interior features a 12.3-inch main screen, a 10.25-inch instrument panel, and a stylish three-spoke steering wheel. Offering a harmonious blend of performance and aesthetics, the MG 7 stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering diverse options for its customers.

MG 7

MG Motor also displayed a custom-made MG T60, adding a unique touch to its display at the Riyadh Motor Show. Moreover, the brand highlighted its New Energy mobility models including the MG HS PHEV and the new MG ZS EV. The MG Motor stand also featured other top-tier models such as the RX5, MG GT, and the recently introduced MG ONE. These models, known for their exceptional performance, style, and innovative features, further enhance MG's diverse lineup.

MG Riyadh Motor Show

MG Motor Middle East Managing Director Tom Lee confirmed: “Our presence at the Riyadh Motor Show this year is crucial as the brand brings to the region - and the capital of the Kingdom - a world premiere and a regional debut, both are momentous occasions for MG Motor. These groundbreaking launches not only emphasise the strategic significance of the Middle East in our global vision, but also allow us to pay homage to our rich history as we celebrate MG Motor’s 100 Years and our newly signed partnership with Jiad Modern Motors, a Mohamed Yousuf Naghi company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The MG WHALE and MG 7 models are a testament to our commitment to delivering innovation and design excellence to our customers in the Middle East and beyond.”

With a rich British heritage and a keen understanding of the evolving automotive landscape in the Middle East, MG Motor is poised for an even more dynamic future, as the brand prepares to celebrate its 100 Year Anniversary. A historic milestone fuelled by innovation, rich heritage, customer-centricity, and a passion for setting new benchmarks in the automotive industry to thrive for generations to come.