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Benefit from a low total cost of ownership with every MG added to your business fleet.

At MG we know the total cost of ownership is a key factor for the business. With innovative technologies alongside a commitment to maintain low costs of replacement parts, MG offers a vehicle range that delivers exceptional ongoing value to our fleet business customers.

Tailored business solutions are available to provide more efficient ownership experiences that ensure high utilisation of purchased vehicles.Special support programs from aftersales, parts, and accessories departments are available to make a profitable business partnership. The cost-effectiveness extends to services, maintenance, and collision parts that may be required during a vehicle’s lifecycle.

Comprehensive Fleet Solution

Comprehensive Fleet Solution

  • Special rate for fleet customers.
  • Fast lane service.
  • Mobile service.
  • Service package.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Contact our fleet team

    Get comprehensive assistance and find the best business solution.



    Aftersales Services

    After Sales Services

    We believe that downtime is money, our dedicated technical support team, ensures fast responding to all business support needs.

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    Financial Facilities

    • Cash & Credit facilities.
    • Financing.
    • Operation Lease.
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