the service

MG vehicles are known all over the world for providing the highest levels of quality and unparalleled reliability. That is why the experience of driving one of the models of this exceptional brand guarantees you peace of mind about the performance of your vehicle. By keeping MG vehicles in top condition, you will be sure to enjoy your vehicle to the fullest, as well as the importance of benefiting from the quality of maintenance services provided by the official dealer.

Whether you choose to have a comprehensive maintenance service package that ensures that maintenance costs are affordable and without any extras, or pay for each maintenance service you wish to perform, you will get the best value for money guaranteed. The MG range of vehicles caters to all the needs and requirements of owners, and nothing is more important than value.

Maintenance service intervals

We recommend servicing MG vehicles every 10,000 km or 6 months (whichever comes first). Our highly experienced team of technicians will analyze the vehicle's performance according to a comprehensive list in order to identify all the parts and parts that need maintenance and attention. Regular maintenance service helps to solve all problems and solve them as easily as possible.

Advantages of maintenance service at MG distributors

Annual or regular maintenance services are a necessary factor to maintain the performance of MG vehicles, and there are many additional advantages when maintenance services are performed by our team at MG dealers, including the high experience of our highly skilled technical team, in addition to our facilities State-of-the-art, cutting-edge, industry-leading diagnostic technologies, and all the hardware and repair tools needed for any job, so you can have complete confidence in our ability to diagnose and fix all problems.

In addition, regular maintenance service ensures optimum levels of fuel economy and significant driving costs. Also, a complete service history preserves the value of your car better compared to cars that do not have a complete service history. People who want to buy a used car are looking for cars that are well taken care of and maintained by the best technicians.

For more details on the benefits of maintenance services at MGO distributors, to schedule an annual maintenance service, please contact our after-sales service team today. We will be happy to book an appointment according to the date and time that suits you, allowing you to bring your car to us to take care of it optimally. You can contact us by phone, website or by visiting you in person, and we look forward to hearing all your inquiries and fulfilling your requests.